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Sole Solutions Shoe Store is proud to be the leading provider of diabetic socks and shoes in the Spokane area. We offer fashionable diabetic shoes and accessories that combine the best in function and style, helping to make the care of diabetic foot pain as simple and easy as possible. It is this commitment to offering a line of diabetic socks and shoes that don’t leave our customers out in the fashion cold that has lead to the success of our products, and satisfaction of our customers over the years.

Whether you want slick athletic shoes that allow you to effectively manage your diabetic foot pain at the gym or are looking for diabetic socks and shoes that are perfect for your casual dress work environment, you can find them at Sole Solutions Shoe Store. We offer the widest variety of fashionable diabetic shoes in the largest array of sizes on the market, ensuring no matter what your needs, you will find the products to help manage your diabetic foot pain.

Properly fitted diabetic shoes are very important in preventing foot injuries associated with diabetes. Diabetic shoes are often wider and deeper than regular shoes, to make room for special diabetic insoles. Pedorthic insoles for diabetics are generally custom fit for the patient's feet, to ensure proper fit and minimize rubbing and uneven weight distribution, preventing injury. It is also important for a diabetic to have shoes with good air circulation, meaning a lot of diabetic footwear features fabric or sandal-style uppers or better breathing materials.